Elmes Electronic devices.

Elmes Electronic has modified some of our standard products to meet requirements for unusual applications. Please look through the below non standard products, maybe you'll find solution of your problem.  
Problem 1:  The receiver’s relay output should be switched on, for as long as I press and hold keyfob’s button.
Solution:  This function is available with the following standard Elmes receivers: one channel - U1HR, UMB100HR-HET, two channel - U2HR, DWB100HR-HET, DWP12R, DWP24R, four channel U4HR. The function is also available, but for modified receiver CH8HR. Note: all Elmes Electronic keyfob transmitters include battery saving function, which will switch off radio transmission after 25 seconds if button is pressed and held accidentally. The battery saving function may be deactivated by manufacturer only upon special order of the customer. This sort of modification is often used for winch control of tow trucks.  To order product modified as above please add suffix – WINCH to required item code. Example: CH8HR WINCH
Problem 2:   I don’t see the receiver I remotely control, so I’m not sure if it’s in ON or OFF state.
Solution:   Elmes standard one channel receivers U1HR, UMB100HR-HET and standard two channel receivers U2HR, DWB100HR-HET, DWP12R and DWP24R operate the following way: one of the keyfob’s button switches the receiver to the ON state only, and the other button to OFF only. So, to solve the problem with one channel receiver, at least two button keyfob or hand transmitter is required.  The mode is also available upon order for CH20HR receiver. Ordering code:CH20HR ver. 2 ON/OFF
Problem 3:   I’d like to change the channels of the CCTV camera. To do so, I need a multi channel bistable (ON/OFF) receiver where only one channel may be in the ON state.
Solution:   Elmes Electronic offers a special version of the CH8HR receiver with a modified firmware. It allows switching ON one channel only, while the remaining seven channels will automatically switch to OFF position. A channel that is in the ON position will turn to OFF once another channel has been switched to ON. Orderring code: CH8HR ver.3 CCTV
Problem 4:   I’d like to have a remote control for my domestic hot water circulation pump (230VAC). I’d like to use Elmes ST100HR or STM controllers, but I’m afraid to face the following problem:  one person turns ON the pump with his/her keyfob, after a while another person wants to turn ON the pump, too, but doesn’t know the pump has already been turned ON. He/she also activates their keyfob to turn the pump ON, but in fact turns it OFF. In result the water is cold for both.
Solution:   Elmes has designed a special version of the STM receiver, where the 230VAC relay output may be turned ON for pre-programmed time, but it will stay in the ON possition even if another keyfob has been activated. The output’s ON state will become prolonged of another pre-programmed timing. Orderring code for the unit: STM ver. 4 PUMP
Problem 5:   We use a parking lot with electromechanical barrier and long and narrow entry/exit driveway. It happens that exiting and enterring cars meet halfway in the long driveway and block each other. How do we solve the issue?
Solution:   Traffic lights should be installed at both ends of the narrow driveway. The driver enterring or exiting the parking lot checks the lights, if there’s no light ON, activates his/her keyfob transmitter to get green light, open the barrier and turn to red for the opposite direction. Once pre-programmed time elapses both traffic lights switch to OFF allowing for another driver to activate their keyfob. The system’s safety does not allow for other drivers to abort, once started, entry/exit procedure. Also, the green light timing might be prolonged by other driver enterring the drive way in the same direction. In this case, each driver before entering the driveway should press their keyfob transmitter to prolong their green light.
Orderring code for the receiver is: U4HR ver. 4 PARKING