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  The controllers are designed to operate with a single 12VDC (model: STB12VM1) or 24VDC (model: STB24VM1) motor used to power some types of moving gates. Change of the gate movement direction is obtained by the change of the voltage polarity supplied to the motor. Below are listed common features of the STB12VM1 and STB24VM1 controllers:
  • dynamic code KEELOQ® technology;
  • superheterodyne receiver type;
  • wireless control with the use of all 433,92MHz band Elmes made hand transmitters or wall type switch in "open-stop-close-stop-open ..." mode;
  • up to 112 hand transmitters memory capacity;
  • motor rotation slowing down function at gate's movement end protecting against mechanical disorders and ensuring long and reliable operation life time;
  • short pulse opening function allowing clearing off mechanical tension after gate close;
  • overload protection separately adjusted for opening and closing movements;
  • automatic gate close function after programmed PAUSE time;
  • possibility of automatic gate close function exclusion by hand transmitter command;
  • selection of switch limit type, between magnetic and mechanical;
  • parking mode operation - the use of hand transmitters opens the gate without stopping or closing commands;
  • inputs for end-of-line NO or NC type switches;
  • courtesy lamp or gate movement warning lamp (flashing) control output;
  • input for photo/infrared NC type protection cell with the cell object detection generating:
    • at gate close - instant opening movement;
    • at pause time - halting pause time count;
  • when the object clears while in pause, the pause time is counted from start again or pause time is shorter by five seconds;
  • set of additional features allowing better gate operation security: STOP input for connecting additional protection devices; automatic gate close signalled by three seconds warning lamp flashing prior to gate movement; programmable operation time of the DC motor as protection against end of line switch failure to operate properly.
STB24VM1 - new PCB
STB12VM1 & STB24VM1 CONTROLLER - previous model.
STB12VM1 - new PCB
STB12VM1 & STB24VM1 CONTROLLER - previous model.
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