ST100 AC
ST100 AC
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 ST100AC controller is suitable for use in hotels, pensions and guesthouse rooms where air-condition switching off on window/door opening is not installed. With ST100AC and wireless CTX magnet window state detector installed, air-condition unit operation will be automatically on/off controlled depending on close or open state of windows or doors.
How does it work?

 The system inclusive of ST100AC controller and wireless window open/shut detector CTX5 is designed for automatic air-condition power supply cut off when room window is opened, e.g. during airing. Power supply cut off may be instant or with 16 seconds delay set by the installer. When CTX5 detects window shut the ST100AC controller sets on power supply to the air-condition unit which returns to preset operation. If in air-conditioned premises is more windows then each must be monitored by CTX5 detector. One ST100AC controller can operate with up to 16 CTX5 detectors. Double wing windows may be monitored by two sides monitoring detector CTX5D, as illustrated below. Installation of the system is straight forward and requires installation of CTX5 detector/s on window/s or door/s inclusive of triggering magnets (supplied), while installation of the St100AC controller must be made in series with 230VAC mains power supply of the air-condition unit.The controller unit is powered from mains supply line of the air-condition unit while CTX detectors are CR123A type battery powered allowing 10 years of autonomy operation. The CTX detectors may be ordered in brown or white colour plastic enclosures to match the colour of window frames.


ST100 AC