MPS - Eight channel control board.
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 This MPS is designed for separated switching of up to eight signals coming from external security equipment, especially surveillance cameras. Eight isolated control inputs with common +12VDC supply allow switching of up to eight cameras, locks, sounders, etc., connected to outputs side with one common (COM) point. The panel outputs can be individually preset by the user to NO (normally opened) or NC (normally closed) standby position with the use of jumpers provided for each of the eight relays. In addition, all relays are equipped with LED "set on" indication simplifying installation and marking of channel in use. The board is protected against reverse power supply and each of the eight relays is diode protected against surge voltages. The relay outputs are capable of carrying up to 1A/24VDC or 0,5A/125VAC rated loads.
 The board is designed for universal indoor or outdoor use and features four side screwing holes facilitating its installation. In case of outdoor use the board must be protected against humid conditions and placed inside hermetic installation box. At indoor use the board may be used inside standard Elmes Electronic receiver board (supplied) taking advantage of the TAMPER switch operation provided on board as standard with dedicated connector.

  • designed for control of remote alarm and security equipment, especially for remote control of surveillance cameras,
  • eight galvanic separated control channels with LED "set on" indication,
  • any relay output NO/NC type,
  • TAMPER alarm switch (while boxed inside Elmes receiver box).




schematic diagram
MPS - board