CB32 and its accessories

All Elmes Electronic accessories are sold separately:
CB32 - Alarm panel:
KB2 - C60 - interface.
KB2 - T68 - interface.
GSM - module for CB32.
USB-RS - CB32 / CB32G  - PC interface wire.
CB32/CB32G Configurator- free software available for download
Lens VB - vertical barrier lens.
Lens AA - animal alley lens.
UP1 - multiangle bracket for PTX50.

Data cable  MiniUSB - for GSM2/2000 setup via PC.
GSM antenna with magnetic grip.
Software for GSM2/2000 -
Keyfob transmitters:
All housings are sold separately as spare parts.

Batteries and power supply:
Batteries 12V A23  and  9V. power supply: 12V500mA, 12V1,2A, 15V0,8A
Batteries for CB32G - 3,7V 14500, 750mAh. 



GSM for CB32 - dedicated module with power supply battery.
Spare housings
Mini USB cable to connect RD448, RD1000, GSM2000 with PC. USB driver required.
USB-RS data cable for setting up your CB32/CB32G via PC. Sold separately.
KB2-C60 to connect mobile phone.
PTX50 multiangle bracket
KB2- T68 to connect mobile phone.
Batteries 9V & 12V 23A
GSM antenna for GSM module. Coaxial wire 2,5m long, SMA plug.
Power supply 12V/500mA
PTX50 VB - vertical barrier lens
PTX50 AA - animal alley lens