U4HSL set
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   The U4HSL set consists of a four channel U4HR receiver and one four channel long range hand transmitter CH4H200T. Universal four relay output receivers U4HR and sets U4HS & U4HSL are designed for use in alarm systems and remote control applications. The U4HR receiver operates with all Elmes Electronic 434 MHz hoping code radio band transmitters, wireless detectors and fixed code RP501T transmitter. The U4HR receiver features excellent sensitivity, selectivity and complies with the latest EU relevant standards concerning SRD (Short Range Devices) of remote control products. The U4HSL includes many useful functions as specified below:


Basic operation modes to be selected by user


  • ON/OFF (bistable output mode)
  • automatic OFF after programmed time (monostable output mode timing: from 0,25s up to 4 hrs)
  • mini alarm control panel


Technical specification

  • dynamic code system KEELOQ of  Microchip Corp. USA
  • operating frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • receiver’s memory capacity: 112
  • receiver’s power supply:  12 VDC
  • transmitter’s power supply: battery 9V
  • approximate range in open field: 250m
  • output relay ratings:  60VA (128VAC/1A) each
  • number of channels/relay ourputs: 4
  • superheterodyne receiver module with sensitivity: -105 dBm,
  • current consumption: 20mA plus 40mA on relays set
  • operating temperature range from -20 to + 40C,
  • signal output S (1A/60V max.)  OC type,
  • sabotage alarm terminals NC type (at box closed)
  • external dimmensions: (L/W/D) 96/63/28mm.







U4HR board