U4HR - receiver

  Universal four relay outputs receiver U4HR is designed for use in alarm systems and remote control applications. The device opperates with all Elmes made 434 MHz radio band transmitters and wireless detectors including specific long range transmitter RP501T.

U4HR operating modes:

1. monostable mode - the output sets ON temporarily for earlier programmed period of time 

2. bistable - ON/OFF latch mode

3. winch control - as long as the keyfob's button is pressed and held, so long the corresponding receiver's relay is activated (all Elmes standard keyfobs include battery saving function, which turns off transmission after 20 seconds. If longer transmission is required, please order keyfob with winch mode)

4. a mini alarm control panel


In operation with Elmes Electronic RP501T in its radio relay mode (mode 3) or CTX3H and CTX4H wireless magnet detectors operating in open/close detection mode, the receiver relay output set on state lasts until set off signal is received, regardless of the receiver output programmed operating mode.

The receiver is available in two power supply versions: standard 12VDC (U4HR) or 24VDC (U4HR/24V)

  • 433,92MHz band receivers and transmitters,
  • four galvanic separated relay output channels,
  • superheterodyne receiver,
  • transmitter memory up to 112,
  • four opperating modes: monostable, bistable, winch, mini alarm control panel
  • receiver's power supply: 12VDC or 24VDC, 20mA at standby, 120mA max,


U4HR board
U4HR - receiver
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