The device allows monitoring of events occurring in alarm and security systems as well as operation in remote control systems by means of SMS notifications and CLIP calls, in any mobile phone 900/1800 MHz GSM network. For special request available quad band opperating frequency 900/1800/850/1900 Mhz. In remote control operation, devices can be directly connected to its relay outputs and controlled by means of SMS & CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation - a supplementary GSM service used to show the number of a caller). Specified below are characteristic features of GSM2000 module

  • The ability to remotely add and delete phone numbers supported by the module - by SMS
  • 4 control inputs, each with programmable switching levels in the range of 0.2 - 14,5V and programmed hysteresis in the range of 0.1 - 5V
  • SMS information of all inputs and outputs status.
  • The ability to remotely execute AT commands.
  • Four SMS controlled and isolated relay outputs with NO (Normally Opened), or NC (Normally Closed) terminals.
  • Relay outputs operation in Pulse Mode (programmable time-lapse), or On/Off Mode (bistable).
  • Outputs are set on by means of SMS or CLIP from up to 2048 phone numbers, or by input alarm zone violation.
  • Alarm monitor SMS & CLIP notifications are send to up to six preregistered phone numbers.
  • Periodical communication test by SMS or CLIP send to one or two phone numbers, at user’s specified day time or time interval.
  • User set, limited number of SMS notifications send daily.
  • TAMPER switch monitoring of module’s box cover opening.
  • Module configuration, firmware upgrade and user preference parameters are performed with “GSM2 Configurator” PC (Personal Computer) software.
  • Uniwersal application for our GSM2000 ready to download from Google Play and App Store:

          There is a special version of the software available with changed functionality:
GSM2000 Version 1. Calling the module from any phone number, not just from the phone in the list, causes setting on output number 1. This version can be used eg. for controlling the gates of a large car park where we do not care so much for the safety of the system, because in this solution anyone who knows the phone number of the module, can open the gate.
The modified software is available upon request. Please contact our sales department.

                         GSM2000 set includes module GSM and antenna GSM. Mini USB cable is offered separately.


GSM2000 - board
Mini USB cable - to connect GSM2/GSM2000 with PC. (sold separately)
Mains power supply 12VDC/1,2A - (sold separately)
GSM2000 - GSM Alarm monitor & remote control module.
GSM2000 - board