Elmes Electronic STM2K controller is designed for remote control of two devices powered by 230VAC such as lamps, motors, etc. Miniature size of the controller allows its installation under a wall switch in electric installation boxes (wall plaster type – 60mm deep). Wall switch, if used for wired control, may be single (if only one channel will be used) or double button (for two outputs to be used). The wall switch should be a monostable type (automatic off). The receiver includes the KEELOQ® code-hopping system of Microchip Technology Inc., USA for highest level of security.  
STM2K receiver is compatible with all Elmes Electronic hand transmitters operating at 433,92 MHz.

Outputs of the receiver may operate in the following modes:
Mode 1: (default) The receiver’s output is switched ON or OFF each time the hand transmitter’s button is pressed
Mode 2:  As above, but if the output has been left in the ON position, it will switch OFF automatically after pre-programmed time.