Receiver's memory copying
It is possible to copy the memory of the following receivers: 
UMB100HR-het, DWB100HR-het, RD448, RD1000 (and older models RD101, RD102). 
The target new receiver is RD448 or RD1000 depending on demand. 
It's possible to copy the memory of 2 or more receivers into one RD448 or RD1000.
To do so, all international customers should contact their local distributor 
and ask for the receiver's memory copying service. Upon acceptance, 
the source receiver(s) or a file with copied memory as Intel HEX8 (.hex) should be delivered to local distributor.
The customer may download and upload receiver's memory on their own by popular serial I2C EEprom memory programmer.
Removing the memory chip from UMB100HR-het, DWB100HR-het or RD101/102 should be performed with the use of hot air solder station only.
Elmes Electronic doesn't perform receiver's memory coping for international customers.
Don't send your receiver to Elmes Electronic.
We offer assistance via our distributors only.
Please contact your local distributor and ask for receiver's memory copying service.