The controller is a modified version of  ST100H unit and allows remote switching on-off three 230VAC mains powered devices. These could be lamps, electric inductive motors, power relays, etc. The unit accepts control signals received from Elmes Electronic made KEELOQ®  code-hopping key-fob remotes or hand transmitters and features individual or sequential control of its three relay otputs. The unit allows option of outputs wire control by external switches connected to terminals on board of the unit. The outputs may be programmed for latched (on/off) or time-lapse (pulse) operation. In time-lapse operation mode the output will be switched off after preset time ranging from 0,5 second up to 4 hours. Individual control of all three outputs requires the use of four or more channel Elmes Electronic hand transmitters, e.g. CH4HT, CH3NT, CH8NT, CH8HT, CH32HT, STX. Using only one or two channel transmitters learned to the unit allows sequential control of the outputs. The maximal number of transmitters learned to the unit is 112. Power relay outputs with hermetic panel housing and wide operating temperature range of used superheterodyne receiver module allow variety of application fields of the unit and installation in and outdoors. The ST100H3K does not include keyfob transmitters, which should be ordered separatelly.

  • operating frequency band is 433,92MHz,
  • 3 power relay outputs for 230VAC control,
  • relay output operating in pulse or on/off modes,
  • up to 12 transmitters in standard version (112 transmitters in option).

Two ver. of the receiver available ST100H/3K, ST100H/3KG. More details in manual.

ST100H/3K - board