U2HSL set
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The U2HSL set consists of one superheterodyne receiver U2HR and one long range hand transmitter DW200HT. The U2HSL is a development of DW200HS. The U2HR superheterodyne receiver features excellent sensitivity and selectivity and complies with latest EU relevant standards concerning SRD (Short Range Devices) of remote control products. The U2HR receiver offers better range than the older model DW200HS, is much smaller in size and includes a set of new, very useful functions.
Receiver’s basic outputs operation modes. 
With key fob learned to the receiver, its outputs can operate in any of below described modes:

  1. Key fob button sets on output for programmed time lapse. Next use of the same button, while the output is set on, prolongs time lapse.
  2. Key fob button alternately sets receiver’s output on and off.
  3. Key fob button sets on receiver’s output for programmed time lapse and can set the output off when used second time while the output is still in time lapse.
  4. Key fob button sets output on/off alternately (as mode 2 above) however, when one output is set on the other cannot be set on too.
  5. Same mode as 3 above however, when one output is set on the other cannot be set on too.
  6. Receiver’s output is set on for as long as key fob button is pressed.
  7. One key fob button sets output on while other button sets output off.


Technical specification

  • dynamic code system KEELOQ of  Microchip Corp. USA
  • operating frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • receiver type: superheterodyne
  • receiver memory capacity: 104 keyfobs
  • approximate range in open field: 250m
  • number of channels/relay ourputs: 2
  • output relay ratings:  1A, 120VAC/30VDC
  • power supply:  12 VDC
  • current consumption 12 mA + 28 mA each relay set on
  • operating temperature range from -20 to + 55C,
  • signal output S (1A/60V max.)  OC type,
  • sabotage alarm terminal NC type (at box closed)
  • receiver’s external dimmensions: (L/W/D) 73/46/24mm.