CTX5H - Magnet detector

Previous model CTX4H / CTX4HB 
Magnet detectors CTX5 and CTX5D are designed for wireless notification of opening or closing of windows, doors, etc. Detector CTX5, with one reed contact and one magnet can protect single wing window or door, while detector CTX5D can protect double wing window or door and features two reed contacts and two external magnets. The detectors operate with Elmes Electronic made alarm control panels and remote control receivers.
Detectors operate in two modes, set by jumper JP1:
JP1 set on  - detector sends just one radio transmission to corresponding receiver on window or door opening. The receiver’s output sets on temporarily, for time period set in the receiver.
JP1 set off  - detector sends three random timed radio transmissions to corresponding receiver on window/door opening as well as on window/door closing.Transmission on window opening sets on the receiver’s output permanently, until window close transmission is received setting the output off.


  • hopping code radio transmission (433.92 MHz <5mW) with up to 100m operating range in open field;
  • battery: 3V CR123A with up to 10 years of operation; standby current 2.5uA and 10mA at transmission;
  • max. distance of external magnet 10mm from box reed contact side;
  • sabotage TAMPER alarm lasting ca 20 seconds; operating temperature range -25C to +55C;
  • external dimensions (l/w/h) 105/24/27 mm..
CTX5H - Magnet detector
CTX5H - Magnet detector
CTX5H - Magnet detector
3V CR123 battery sold separately