This popular intrusion detection device is designed for installation in wireless alarm systems and operates with Elmes Electronic control panels CB32 and  receivers. The detector is an infrared sensitive appliance responding to detected radiation generated by human body. Thanks to its high quality wide angle Fresnel lens used together with IR reflection-free protective sleeve, the detector features excellent infrared sensitivity characteristics and is highly effective in human motion detection within the protected distance range. Very low power consumption along with advanced microprocessor controlled energy saving procedures allow up to three years of autonomous operation with single 9V alkaline battery. Other main features of the detector include: user set detection speed (IR pulse count); walk-test operating mode; anti-sabotage TAMPER alarm detection; optional use of animal alley or vertical barrier lenses in place of the standard wide angle lens; variety of wall and corner multi-angle installation options including installation with optional multiangle bracket. The detector finds widespread application in wireless alarms and security installations like houses, appartments or offices.

  • operating frequency band is 433,92MHz,
  • up to 100 metres transmition range,
  • high quality Fresnel lens with 90° (15m) detection range,
  • dual infrared sensing element with programmable pulse count (1-2-3-5),
  • powered by 9V alkaline battery (3 years operating life),
  • ultra low power consumption microprocessor controlled.
PTX50AA - animal alley lens. Sold separately.
PTX50VB - vertical barrier lens. Sold separately.
9V battery - not included with PTX50
PTX50 Wireless passive infrared motion detector
UP1 multi angle mounting bracket, not included with PTX50. Sold separately.