GBX1 -  wireless window glass break detector
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  The GBX1 detector is advanced multiprocessor's controlled device designed for application in alarm and security systems. It features advanced acoustic frequency double trace system allowing effective detection of window glass breakage and elimination of false alarms. The sound detection system continuously analyses all incoming sounds. When specific sequential glass break sounds are detected the device starts sending alarm transmissions and illuminates the red LED. Software controlled energy saving system enable up to three years operation on single alkaline 9V battery. Other characteristic features of the detector include: multiple alarm transmissions with KEELOQ® dynamic encryption code hopping; simple learning procedure with practical installation test mode; acoustic low frequency detection sensitivity adjustment; low battery warning and anti-sabotage TAMPER alarm. The device operates with all Elmes receivers and the CB32 control panels and is capable of breakage detection of glass window except for windows with multilayer or foiled glass, in range of up to 10m from place of installation. The GBX1 typical installation sites are wired and wireless alarm systems in shops, offices, houses or appartments.

  • operating frequency band is 433,92MHz,
  • up to 100 metres transmition range,
  • advanced acoustic frequency analysis system,
  • wide area of glass break detection range,
  • powered by 9V alkaline battery (3 years operating life),
  • ultra low power consumption microprocessor controlled
9V battery, not included with GBX1