DWB100HS-HET set
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 The DWB100HS-HET set consists of a two channel receiver DWB100HR-HET with wide range of power supply voltage and two dual channel keyfob transmitters DWB100HT. The set is used in alarm systems for remote starting of entry delay, system arming/disarming and access control. The DWB100HR-HET receiver features excellent sensitivity, selectivity and complies with the latest EU relevant standards concerning SRD (Short Range Devices) of remote control products. The DWB100HS-HET includes many useful functions as specified below:


Receiver’s basic operation modes to be selected by user

  • ON/OFF (bistable output mode)
  • automatic OFF after programmed time (monostable output mode timing: from 0,25s up to 4 hrs)
  • winch mode ( the receiver is ON for as long as keyfob is pressed)
  • more functions described in manual


Receiver’s Technical specification

  • dynamic code system KEELOQ of  Microchip Corp. USA
  • operating frequency: 433,92 MHz
  • memory capacity: 104 keyfobs, at winch mode 20 keyfobs
  • average range: 150m in open field
  • power supply:  10..40 VDC or 13,5..29 VAC
  • output relay ratings:  1A, 120VAC/30VDC
  • number of channels/relay ourputs: 2
  • superheterodyne receiver module with sensitivity: -105 dBm,
  • receiver’s current consumption:
  • at 12VDC: 12 mA + 28 mA every relay set on,
    at 24VDC: 6 mA + 14 mA every relay set on,
  • operating temperature range from -20 to + 40C,
  • signal output S (1A/60V max.)  OC type,
  • sabotage alarm terminals NC type (at box closed)
  • external dimmensions: (L/W/D) 96/63/28mm.