OUT OF STOCK a new model available  - CTX5 / CTX5D

 Thanks to its alkaline 9V battery supply this magnet detection transmitter used in alarm and monitoring systems offers up to 200 meters operating range in open field and up to three years autonomy without battery change. The detector can operate one or two way modes user selected. Used in two way mode with dedicated Elmes Electronic receivers U4HR, CH8HR, CH20HR the detector causes the receiver's channel relay output to operate in real-time bistable (on-off) mode, with output state corresponding to open or close detection signals received from the magnet detector. The two way operation feature allows full monitoring of doors and windows in the alarm system, securing that none will be left opened on system arming. Operating with the Elmes Electronic CB32 wireless control panel the detector not only signals open or close state of monitored door or window but also sends repeated presence identification transmissions. Detector's signal transmissions are KEELOQ® dynamic code encrypted providing highest level of security. Other features of the detector include low battery warning, anti-sabotage TAMPER switch and on-off user selectable LED indication.

  • operating frequency band is 433,92MHz,
  • up to 100 metres operating range,
  • open/close detection - signalled by corresponding receiver relay output,
  • powered by 9V alkaline battery (3 years operating life),
  • avaliable in white (CTX4H) or brown (CTX4HB) housing.
9V battery, not included with CTX4H
CTX4HB - wireless magnet detector (brown)
CTX4H - wireless magnet detector (white)