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               CONTINUOUS MODEL

CB32 firmware version 4.00 features newly added options, as listed below:

  • panel control by SMS from 16 phone numbers (arming/disarming, disabling zones, requesting system status);
  • panel arming and disarming by CLIP from 16 phone numbers;
  • alarm system notification by CLIP and SMS to up to 8 mobile phone numbers;
  • panel faults notification by SMS;
  • GSM signal level monitor;
  • mobile phone communication test with CB32 panel by CLIP or SMS at specified time or time intervals;
  • new operation modes with two channel remote transmitter and operation with four channel remote;
  • easy control panel clock adjustment.

This very small and compact wireless control panel is designed for use in security systems, burglary and emergency alarms, access control in houses, offices and other premises. The panel can be operated by up to 16 users and controls up to 32 wireless Elmes detectors. In addition, its two perimeter wired inputs allow connection of any two wired detectors. Selected standard features and options include: two modes of partial arming; monitoring and alarming with the use of mobile GSM phones; keypad and hand transmitter arming and disarming; registering of the last 256 events timed by internal real time clock. Two internal backup rechargeable batteries allow autonomous operation on mains supply failure. Fitted hardware features include internal acoustic siren, three user-defined universal programmable outputs intended for connection of external signalling and alarming devices, clear lit LCD readout display, on-board power supply for connected external mobile phone and full size keypad for easy programming and daily arming/disarming operation.

It possible to connect older models of GSM phones with CB32 control panel. To do so, a dedicated interface cable is required and may be optionally ordered from the seller.

List of compatible GSM phones
  CB32 firmware < 4.00 CB32 firmware >= 4.00  
Siemens C60, C65, CX65 C65 interface KB2-C60
Sony-Ericsson T68, T230, T630, K300i, K700, K700i T68, K300i, K700i, K508i interface KB2-T68

Sony Ericsson is registerred trade mark of Sony Ericsson Communications AB. Siemens is registerred trade mark of Siemens AG.

PC Software and CB32 firmware available in download section at the top of the page on the right side.

USB-RS  CB32/CB32G - PC interface wire. Sold separately.
Power supply 12V/500mA - sold separately.
CB32 basic wireless alarm system
CB32 set