Elmes Electronic CB32B is a programmable, wireless alarm control panel, designed for use in anti-robbery, intrusion detection and access control installations. It operates with any Elmes Electronic made wireless detectors, RP501 transmitterreceiver set, remote control transmitters and two wired detectors. Its three 1A current rated fused alarm signalling outputs are designed for connecting external signalling devices such as sirens, bells strobes and automatic alarm notification devices. Backlit LCD panel displays appropriate status information while numeric keypad allows convenient programming of the control panel. In the event of AC power failure, dedicated software procedures initiate low energy consumption mode allowing over 24-hour panel autonomy operation with two internal 600-850mAh Li-ION rechargeable batteries (type 14500 – AA size). The panel supports up to 16 system users and enables monitoring of up to 32 wireless and two parametric wired detectors identified as alarm zones. Each user and alarm zone can have any user defined 16 characters name. The CB32B control panel may be connected to any wired alarm system to support wireless detectors operation. It may be powered from the power supply line of the wired system, and its three signalling outputs can be connected to alarm detection terminals of wired control panel
Wireless control panel CB32B doesn't have build-in module GSM on a board as well there is no option to plug-in dedicated module ELMES GSM suitable with previous ver. of CB32. All features and settings due to  GSM comunication display  in CB32B menu are out of order. CB32B is continuation of CB32 control panel which isn't support any more.
Inner backup power supply of CB32B apply only battery Li-Ion 3,7V, 14500 AA, following manual and polarity marks inside battery sockets.
Improperly handle, using different batteries or incompatible polarity resulting damage in to device.
WIRELESS CONTROL PANEL CB32B - no GSM module build-in.​

  • CB32B continuation of CB32 no GSM build-in, no option to plug-in ELMES GSM,
  • ​power supply of CB32B required buffer power bank or 2 x batteries Li-Ion 3,7V, 14500 AA + AC adaptor 12V/1,25A - sold separately.
  • ​manual is the same as CB32G, all informations and notes about GSM comunication no applicable, which are unavailable in device menu.
  • ​CB32BB - control panle with white highlight,
  • ​CB32BZ - control panel with green highlight,
  • CB32BN - control panel with blue highlight,


CB32BZ - green highlight
CB32BN - blue highlight
CB32BB - white highlight
Battery Li-Ion battery 3,7V, 14500, AA - sold separately
AC adaptor 12V/1,25A - sold separately
Data cable to connect CB32B with PC - sold separately